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Outdoor Countertops Tampa

In an outdoor setting the most important factor is the quality of materials and crafstmanship. The outdoor elements are hard on typical kitchen surfaces, including countertops, so careful consideration is necessary when designing your outdoor kitchen or entertaining space. When it comes to choosing outdoor counter tops, the first priority should always be durability, followed by style in order to ensure a long-lasting outdoor space you can enjoy for many years.

Countertop space is an even bigger factor in outdoor kitchens than it is traditionally. ideally, you want 2-3′ of depth on an outdoor counter top. Natural stone and concrete are among the best choices for typical outdoor living spaces. Even a manufactured material like quartz can offer some great options that will withstand the outdoor elements while still giving a style to your space. Keep in mind though, that if your space will be in direct sunlight, UV rays will have to be considered with the selected material.

Natural Stone

There are many types of natural stone, and any of them are suitable for use in your outdoor countertop, but what are the downsides? Porous counter top materials like marble, limestone and bluestone may look great at first glance, but they stain quite easily, so you may be left with counters marred by grease or wine.

Granite is also a popular, durable option for outdoor kitchens. It stands up well to the outdoor elements, and also it doesn’t absorb stains or odors as easily as other stones. It also offers resistance to fading in direct sunlight. Styles that don’t have much veining are best for outdoor spaces, as they offer superior resistance to the harmful UV rays. When choosing granite for an outdoor countertop, choose a mid-range color. Darker granite will absorb heat which can burn your hand if you touch it on a hot summer day.

Another good natural stone is soapstone. It’s available in a range of colors from gray to black. Though your color choices are limited, soapstone has many advantages like heat, stain and bacteria resistance. Also, unlike granite and marble, soapstone is a non porous material so regular sealing isn’t necessary. It can also withstand contact with acidic foods, like citrus, vinegar and tomatoes, which is a big bonus in any kitchen prep area.

Tile Countertops

Tile countertops offer the widest range of style and color options. You can go with an decorative pattern and style or even a traditional stone look, and just about anything in-between. It’s very affordable, and it’s the simplest in terms of installation and material cost. One of the biggest disadvantages of tile is that it is prone to cracking and the grout can absorb stains easily. This can be remedied by applying a good sealer, which will need to be reapplied yearly for best protection.